Calming Dream Cream


Dream Cream with calming oat milk and lavender


A gorgeous blend of oat milk, cocoa butter, olive oil, lavender, plant based protein, vitamin E tocopherol and hydrosols. It is natural, plant based, soothing, light weight, non sticky, all weather cream for all skin types. Spreads easily, gets absorbed really quickly and keeps your skin soft, smooth and hydrated all day. You can use it as a day cream, wear it under your makeup, or apply it as a night cream. Oat milk present in the cream helps:

  • restore moisture
  • create a natural protective barrier on the surface of the skin that guards against bad bacteria and UV rays
  • achieve optimal pH level
  • soothe sensitive, delicate skin
  • reduce itchiness, redness, and other forms of irritation (nappy rash, eczema)

How to use: Apply the cream over your face and body. Gently massage in circular motion till it gets thoroughly absorbed into the skin. For best results, apply to slightly damp skin.

Contains no synthetic fragrances, colors, pigments or chemicals.

For all skin types. Size: 100 g

To know more about the benefits of Oat milk and Lavender

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© Butterberry 2024. All rights reserved.

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