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There is much change in my skin tone and skin became very supple. I have ordered this for the 2nd time. Coffee whipped cream soap is very nice and Halo moisturizer is too good, it penetrates deep into the skin and I love it’s aroma. Thank you Monica for making these and thank you Chaitanya akka for referring such good kind of skin products..

Asha Veronica, Medak, Telangana

The soaps were really nice 🙂

Manish Keswani, Mumbai

This Diwali I decided to gift my loved ones something that was pure and made with love and care. I’ve been following Butterberry’s beautiful journey for sometime now. So I reached out to the founder, Monica. Inspite of being extremely busy with her Diwali orders, she took time out personally to help me with my choices. Her advice was based on types of skin, lifestyles, preferences which was amazing! She took my order and ensured I get everything before Diwali. She even packed it very artistically that made for an awesome gift.
My friends and I LOVED all her products. They are natural and are so gentle on even the most sensitive skin. I highly recommend her whipped soaps, soap bars and her cute little lip balms in macaroon containers! ❤️
Thanks Monica and thanks Butterberry! We are all coming back for more !

Aroti Akash Tugnait, Gurugram

Love the soaps but have my favorites as well… the authenticity of the product is felt by the effect you can feel when one uses the product…There is a Timelessness in the product and even the colors and fragrances add the extra touch to give you a fresh I am awake feeling… thank you Monica

Lordes Angel, Mumbai

I have tried the soaps and soaking salts. The fragrances are so unique and soothing. My skin feels so refreshed and hydrated. Definitely recommended for those who want natural and indigenous ingredients.

Sangita Agarwal, Navi Mumbai

I started using Butterberry products since couple of months, loved the natural ingredients in it, the aroma of aloe vera is soo pure! Each and every ingredients are soo natural, I didn’t had any allergies or irritation on skin as I used to get before with any other product. The lip balm is soo perfect too! Even my little one uses it and she loves the natural red color of strawberry.. she has to no longer ask me for lipstick, as she is a big makeup fan. Thank you for making such amazing products. Way to go Butterberry!

Priyanka Saxena, Virginia, USA

Butterberry is a great place to buy natural and handmade soap, face wash, creams, and Lip Balms. I personally have tried many products. The Charcoal whipped soap cleans and is perfect for oily skin. The Aloe vera gel is real with a hint of rose aroma. The soaps have enough moisture, even if you miss applying body lotion, your body will be hydrated all day. Lastly, the kid’s body lotion has a nice fruity smell, is loved by the kids, and keeps them hydrated all day.

Saumya Agrawal, Mumbai

Butterberry coffee whipped cream soap is awesome. You will love the mild coffee fragrance… and after the use skin was very soft and glowing… thankyou Monica

Raghu Melkote, Secunderabad

I have been a regular client of butterberry since it started. I particularly like the Himalayan salt scrub and lavender foot Soak which I order regularly. These both products from Butterberry range are very soothing and therapeutic.

Malavika Gadiyar, Mumbai

I recently bought some products from Butterberry and I am absolutely in love with them. The Aloe hydrating body butter is amazing. It keeps the skin hydrated and soft for a long time and the fragrance is so subtle. Lip balm comes in a very cute macaroon box and the lip and cheek tint has a rose shaped cap which is lovely. By just looking at the products you’ll know how much effort and love has been put in each of them. Also, Monica is a delight to talk to. She is amazing.

Ankita Sahay, Mumbai

The owner Monica is extremely helpful and quick to respond. I have included Butterberry products as gift and the response has been amazing! I personally love the whipped soaps and sure to order them again soon 🙂

Haripriya, Mumbai

As always…. The candles, scrub and soaps have such a pleasant aroma. It was such a delightful surprise for the girls to get the macaron soap too. I am extremely happy with my selection and I admire your perfection. No flaws. Absolutely gorgeous !!!
Keisha claims that coffee whipped cream made her skin feel nourished and soft. My girls are your biggest admirers and I’m sure they will be one of your favourite clients. Thank you so much for these lovely goodies.

Beverley Mascarenhas, Mumbai
Loved all the products from Butterberry!! Loved the texture and mild fragrance of the whipped cream soap , bath salt and scrub…. … even my daughter is in love with Monica’s range of products… she loves the colourful soaps and lip balms and it is so mild on her skin that I don’t need to worry of any harsh chemicals! Thank you Butterberry! 😊
Deepannita C, Mumbai
I absolutely love the handmade soaps and creams that Monica makes. She uses the best quality ingredients and makes them so painstakingly, taking care and ensuring that the process is perfect. As a gifting option nothing can be better. Monica’s fabulous aesthetic sense is reflected in the packing, presentation, choice of prints colours etc. She also does theme based packaging of her exquisite products. I highly recommend everyone to try them, you will surely thank me!
Swapna Chawla, Hyderabad
This is an amazing place if you want any skin products.. they have a great variety and an affordable range of products. My experience with them is totally awesome. Excellent quality of product.
Shrushti Shahi, Gorakhpur

I was visiting India and after using Butterberry products decided to give this as gift to friends and family! It is an amazing product range to use and to gift to loved ones.

Sangeeta Prakash, Singapore

I purchased some handmade soaps and Christmas candles on this Christmas and they are amazing.. Candles are too good my room smells like fruity bar….Charcoal and papaya soaps are so gentle on skin and just loved their mild smell, skin felt so soft after using without leaving any dry flaky patches….Thanks for such wonderful product, will soon place my next order…

Manish Tuli, Indore

Absolutely love the products I received from Butterberry! The soaps smell wonderful and the creams are super hydrating. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for good quality gorgeous looking / smelling products.

Taneesha Chawla, London

I have used many of Butterberry products. I like them for how they feel on my skin and for their aromas. Most of all, because they are and they feel natural. I feel assured that only the best ingredients have gone into them.

Sheetal Nagle, Mumbai

LOVE IT!!! I received Cocoa Velvet hydrating body butter and have been using over 10 days now, I am in love ❤️ the way my skin glows and feels so softer than before, even my mom started using on daily basis. It is non greasy and gets absorbed in skin very swiftly. Fragrance combination of coca and vanilla is very soothing and fresh. I use it daily and I will be surely gifting to my loved ones!! Best part is they purely hand made with all-natural ingredients and extra love❤️. Thank you so much for this amazing product, will try other products too.

Kamiya Amlani, Mumbai

My niece simply loved all the products of Rakhi hamper which I ordered for her. I personally loved the concept of whipped cream soap. I have used 3 fragrances, each one has an amazing aroma which stays day long… the coffee one is superb. The lip tint gave an instant highlight to the whole face, also used it as a blush. In love with your products and would like to try more of them! Thanks Monica😊

Ankana Govil, Ghaziabad

I loved using the natural fruity whipped cream soap and the silk like body butter. As the name suggests, I felt the lotion melted and spread like butter on my skin nd later the skin felt so buttery. Knowing the fact, they have no harsh chemicals and are hand made with love and personal touch, one can use them on sensitive skin without any second thoughts.

Gurpreet Vohra, Gurugram

One of the best products I have ever used in my lifetime, kind of range and combination of natural products is really amazing…I have not seen it anywhere…also the quality is superb, its so fresh and natural , that it has changed the definition of skin care…I love it…

Yamini Shah, Mumbai

I am in Love with Butterberry products. They are natural and so so much skin friendly. Handcrafted with Love and compassion.

Dipika Amlani, Ahmedabad

This is the third time I purchased butterberry products. I really really love using them they are my absolute favourite!! It nourish the skin, cleanses deep within and smells amazing…body butter, foot cream, pink salt scrub, whipped soap and dream cream are must use products. What I love abt these are, they are completely handmade and natural…I recommend butterberry! Thankuuu monica for coming up with natural and fine quality ingredients😍😍😍

Chaitanya Darsheel, Bangalore

My quest for natural skin care products ended when I found this page on Instagram few months back . I have tried Cocoa velvet Body butter, soap, Epsom salt bath scrub, foot cream, halo face cream, lavender soaking salt till now from this brand and I would say I am happy with all the products. The products’ description given in the website is so in sync with the products and that we realize after using it .I recommend them to anyone who wants natural cruelty free skin care range ..homemade with love and not heavy on pockets too 😉 that sums it all why I’m in love with Butterberry .

Deepali Singh, Pune

Love love their products. Best thing about Butterberry’s products is that they love you right back!

Disket Angmo, Mumbai

I fell in love with their products after my first order. Everyone must give it a try to their products, trust me you will not regret. All the very best Butterberry.

Kalpana Sharma, Kolkata

Butterberry your all soaps are awesome! I am a regular since the start. Really enjoy home spa with all your products. Epsom pink salt soap scrub is my topmost favourite 😍love all your products be it soaps, lip balm or creams. Everything is pure and natural 😍

Anjul Arora, Faridabad

In love with Butterberry products. Especially the quality and customer service.. Have become an ardent fan of the products.. Keep it up!

Julieyana Moses, Chennai

Hi Monica!!! I know m late to give review about the products but m seriously amazed with your products and yeah halo moisturizing face cream, cocoa velvet and the foot cream are seriously🔥 and its been more than three weeks i have been using these products m in ❤️ with these natural products i have tried many but i cannot get over with yours.. I can see and feel the difference in my skin ..thank you for the fabulous natural products.. hope to place my further orders very soon..👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Parimala BMG, Krishna

I ordered orange peel whipped cream soap, dream cream and lip balm from Butterberry. I am absolutely loving the products. The fragrance of each product is very soothing. Soap spreads like soft and silky foam, cream is very moisturizing and lip balm is not sticky at all. Feels refreshing ❤ Will recommend to everybody who are looking for paraben free skin care products. Also like the truth that all products are handmade.

Vandana Agrawal, Pune

Absolutely natural products, my skin just loves them. The feel on the skin and senses is amazing. Personally, I love the Epsom salt and scrub and the foot cream the most.

Pragyan Pattanayak, Gurugram

I have been using Butterberry products for more than 2 years. I trust the products for the quality ingredients that are used and the effect it has on my skin. I have gifted soaps, foot creams and whipped soap to many friends and they are equally awestruck. I highly recommend Butterberry products to those you look for quality skin products.

Sonia Risboond, Mumbai

Am very happy using Butterberry products. Tried many products in the market but didn’t find useful and it made my skin worst…. want to thank Monica from bottom of my heart for making natural products. I started using Charcoal whipped soap for my face and also Hydro boost Aloe Facial Gel. Both products are amazing and started clearing my skin problems. 😍

Divya Latha, Hyderabad

I’ve purchased Butterberry products a couple of times. I love the fragrance and texture of their red wine whipped soap. I also really like the coco and aloe body butters, they moisturize the skin well and are great for dry weather. It was very nice of Monica to customize a fragrance-free cream for my grandmother who has skin problems.

Prekshaa Pahuja, Mumbai

If you are looking for natural, handmade products created, packaged and delivered with utmost quality, love and care, that would be Butterberry!

These products pamper and nurture my body and skin and the beautiful designs and fragrance touch my soul tad bit as well 🙂 I have stopped researching for natural products as I am confident Butterberry is doing that for me. Keep up the great work!

Gayathri Shivram, Noida

I absolutely love these products. I have used the soaps, soaking salt and the coffee flavored moisturizing body cream, the absolute essential in my cupboard foot cream, and my most favorite whipped soap (orange flavor) which my son thought is edible because of the gorgeous smell. These are made using natural ingredient and hence has my heart.

Sujata Biswas, Mumbai
Lemongrass benefits and usage
Beauty and health benefits of Lemongrass

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Coffee for skin and hair
Coffee for skin and hair

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Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera benefits for face, skin and hair

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Oatmeal benefits for the skin

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Skin cream containing oats can help soothe the effects of several skin conditions, like eczema and symptoms of psoriasis

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