Soywax Jar Candle – Vanilla


Hand-poured soy wax jar candle set in borosilicate glass

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This 100% natural and pure soy wax jar candle set in an elegant timeless borosilicate glass jar will fill your space with a fragrant scent. It will burn for up to 8-10 hours, giving off notes of soft vanilla. You can reuse the jar once the candle is burned out. Soywax burns cleaner, safer and longer, without harmful toxins. It contains a lead-free cotton wick that burns cleanly without releasing harmful chemical byproducts into the air. A perfect one for home settings, and for gifting, this one whispers elegance.

Size: Wax Weight 100 gm

Please Note: These can be customized in other colors and aromas as well. Please message us for the same.

©Butterberry 2024. All rights reserved.

© Butterberry 2024. All rights reserved.

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