Sal & Kokum Butter Foot Cream


Sal and Kokum Butter Foot Cream


Filled with the goodness of Sal butter, Kokum butter, Aloe-vera, vitamin E tocopherol, and essential oil blend it is ultra hydrating, provides much needed all-day hydration and relieves cracked, rough heels. It nourishes, soothes and refreshes tired feet. The natural scent from the blend of essential oils harmoniously gives an uplifting and relaxing experience.

Contains no artificial colors, fragrances, or harmful chemicals.

How to use: Apply the cream over your feet and toes. Gently massage in circular motion till it get thoroughly absorbed into the skin. For best results, apply on clean and damp skin, right after a foot soak or bath.

Suitable for all skin types. Size: 100gm

©Butterberry 2024. All rights reserved.

© Butterberry 2024. All rights reserved.

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